I'm a photographer and art student at Temple University. Check out my website for more information!
  • Future?

    We are only in high school. There are so many decisions to make that will effect us for the rest of our lives. However, I think that sometimes people forget that there are a whole lot of ways to make mistakes, as well as a whole lot of ways to fix them. 

  • Kudos.

    Being young makes everything seem so easily accomplished, so free, until something goes wrong. Just one little thing, and all of a sudden that one hardship is worse than any pettiness experienced. Kudos to all of you grown ups. 

  • My Week in the Woods

    It feels as if nothing can go wrong there; it’s the safest part of the world- if you can even call it part of the world.

    In the woods, no one sees you, hears you, or knows you. As you enter an entity of your own, you must allow your mind open and release all of its thoughts. Soon enough, everything is taken to the most extreme level of simplification. 

    There is no stress because there aren’t options. You have no choice but to adapt, understand, and pray. Nature holds a place where every human has the ability to learn, to clearly accept, and to forgive. 

    We are most natural in our original form and nature originated before all else. Without giving your brain the tease of ads, politics, news, decisions, and people, it is able to simplify life and communicate ideas in a most beautifully simplistic way.

    Vacation in the woods and get lost. It won’t take much effort, for your mind will need not adjust to it’s origin. Instead, you will acquire effortless answers being handed to you. 

  • Uke uke uke. Learning to play play play. Addicting addicting addicting.

  • Uke uke uke. La da da.

  • Anonymous
    B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. I love your outlook on life, and it shows so brightly through your pictures! You can tell you love what you do, because that's how I am with music. = ) Lots of love!

    Thank you so much! I do love what I do! In fact, I can’t decide what I like better, music or photography (:

    You and your blog are amazing. You have such great insight into life for someone so young. Keep blogging!

    Thank you so much! I’m glad my ideas are being illustrated the way I’d like them to be (:

  • Incomprehensibly Simple

    The things we do together are the most concrete form of love and the fact that we can experience these things makes the abstract love so much stronger. The desire for concrete love is driven solely by the abstract love we initiate. The love creates a circle, one that controls the world in every natural form. It is God so strong that it can flow throughout every human on the planet while providing infatuation, desire, and need. We worship it with everything we do. It is not only a universal feeling but also a language. Love is simple, but it connects to everything in complex webs of itself.

  • Maybe the sun will shine today
    The clouds will blow away
    Maybe I won’t feel so afraid
    I will try to understand
    Either way

    Maybe you still love me
    Maybe you don’t
    Either you will or you won’t
    Maybe you just need some time alone
    I will try to understand
    Everything has its plan
    Either way
    I’m gonna stay
    Right for you

    Maybe the sun will shine today
    The clouds will roll away
    Maybe I won’t be so afraid
    I will understand everything has its plan
    Either way